ECOLA Conference 2015

02.11.2015 - 12:05 - About the potential of plaster At the eighth European Conference of Leading Architects (ECOLA), 31 participants from 13 European countries discussed current applications and future design possibilities of plaster. The highlight of the conference was the presentation of the ECOLA Awards for the most remarkable new buildings or refurbishment projects in Europe implemented in recent years, “which are as a whole or in parts characterised by the use of plaster on the façade or in the interiors”. Sto SE & Co. ...more

HANDS-ON: An ECOLA exhibit designed by J. MAYER H. to launch at Sto Werkstatt

27.08.2015 - 13:33 - HANDS-ON: An ECOLA exhibit designed by J. MAYER H. is the latest in Sto Werkstatt’s series of innovative exhibitions, opening at its gallery space in Clerkenwell on 23rd September 2015 during the London Design Festival. Renowned German architecture practice J. MAYER H. has designed an installation that draws inspiration from the ECOLA Award Archives and celebrates the artistry of surface, texture and detail in buildings across Europe. ...more


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